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ABOUT ME ~ Personally

My name is Emily. 

I love to travel and have traveled to over 30 countries, mostly in the last 7 years.  My second love is animals.  I have been fortunate enough to work with amazing mammals and reptiles alike. I have also made an effort to visit various sanctuaries all over the world.  I am from Vancouver, B.C. and have a Bachelor of Arts (English Literature) and a Post-Secondary Diploma of Photography from Humber College.

ABOUT ME ~ Professionally

I started doing operations management, bookkeeping, administration, payroll, etc. about 12 years ago.  I sort of fell into it, and have loved doing it ever since. I realized that a lot of small - medium sized business owners excel at what they do (that's you)!  However, when it came to invoicing, payroll, bookkeeping, etc. that wasn't necessarily their expertise.  Being a small - medium sized business, often means not having the means to hire someone full time.  That's where I come in.  I am able to do ALL the time consuming things that you simply don't have time for, and I love it.  I love finding ways to save you money; to save you time.  I love meeting new people, and learning about all sorts of different companies.  I am extremely trustworthy and have references to prove that.

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