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What do you have to lose?

Nothing!  With a FREE Consultation and NO obligation!

What do you have to gain?

Time, Money, Getting your life back, Enjoying your work again, Getting rid of Stress, Relaxation, Time with your family, and so much more!

Do what you do best, let me do the rest! You don't have time to do everything! 

I make it super simple and super easy for you:


1. We will meet for a FREE consultation.  We work together to figure out what you need done, from bookkeeping, to operations management, etc.  We will talk about what I think it will take, whether it be a one time project to get you on track and trained, or an ongoing thing. If we like each other, I will go home and write up a customized proposal unique to you and your business.  I'm not pushy, or demanding. There's absolutely no obligation.  It's just a chance for us to meet and see if we want to work with each other.

2. If you decide to move forward with us, depending on the work that needs to be done, I get anything that I need from you, and start taking all that stress off of your shoulders.

3. I invoice you based on the payment plan we discuss ahead of time, to make sure you're not stressing about the finances.  I make it work for you! 

That's It! 

Let's pretend you are a carpentry business.  You are AMAZING at building beautiful tables. I come in and you tell me to build a table.  I could do it. It wouldn't be pretty, it wouldn't be strong and it wouldn't be done right or efficiently.  That's your back end stuff. You are getting things done, but not right, not efficiently, and not pretty!  So let's leave the table building to you and all the other stuff to me! 

Let us worry about the administration, bookkeeping, operation management, and everything else 'behind the scenes' that you don't have time for.  I will also go through your books, and find ways to cut cost and be more efficient ~ saving you time any money!

We are the people to call when you're too big to do it all yourself, but too small to hire a full time bookkeeper, admin, and marketing team!  We do it all!

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